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Carlsson CK35 RS 01ドイツカールソン社は、SLK CK35 RSで「カールソンアルパインチーム」としてロングディスタンスカップに参戦。(3画像)[Modified]
Carlsson CK35 RS 02

Carlsson CK35 RS 03

Since 2005, Carlsson has being taking part with a CK35 RS on the basis of the Mercedes SLK 350 in the BF Goodrich Long-Distance Cup. It uses this exercise, as with other races it has participated in with different vehicles in the past, to test out new products, which incorporate its vast experience from long-distance motor racing.
2005年以来、カールソンは、BFのグッドリッチの長距離カップ中のメルセデスSLK 350に基づくCK35 RSを備えた魅力のある部分で持っています。他のレースと、新製品を実地に試みるために過去の異なる乗り物で中へ参加したように、それはこの練習を使用します。それは、長距離モータ競走からのその広大な経験を組込みます。

Particularly the constant high stresses and strains encountered in long-distance racing lead to the development of more durable solutions, which Carlsson integrates into its road-approved products and which benefit Carlsson customers. The same goes for the CK35.

In the case of the Carlsson CK35 performance kit based on the SLK 350, the modifications express themselves in a boost in engine power by 17kW/23 hp to 217kW/295 hp, which is achieved at 6000 rpm. At the same time, the V6 engine develops a maximum torque of 385 Nm at 4800 rpm, an increase of 35 Nm compared with the series version. From a standstill, the Carlsson CK35 scorches to 100 km/h in just 5.68 seconds (series: 6.1 sec.).
SLK 350に基づいたカールソンCK35実行キットの場合には、修正が、17kW/23hp~217kW/295hpによってエンジン出力の上昇の中で考えを述べます。それは6000rpmで達成されます。同時に、V6エンジンは、4800rpmで385nmの最大トルクを開発します(シリーズ・バージョンに対する35nmの増加)。停止から、カールソンCK35はちょうど5.68秒(シリーズ: 6.1秒。)で100km/hまで焦げます。

The performance kit includes two sports rear mufflers from corrosion-resistant stainless steel each with two oval exhaust tips, which clearly, but discreetly announce the increased power of the engine. In addition, Carlsson modifies the engine electronics, which it optimizes extensively. A sports air filter supplies the V6 with an extra portion of "breathing air." By overriding the Vmax restriction, the CK35 can travel a full 20 km/h faster, the top speed being 270 km/h. A chrome inscription proves that the modified engine is a genuine Carlsson. The increased torque and the enhanced power-weight ratio (instead of 5.4 kg/hp, now only 5.0 kg/hp has to be moved) are expressed in the superior pulling power and provide the driver with significantly greater driving enjoyment than before. Acceleration from 0 to 200 in 21.12 (series 22.6).

Carlsson's motor racing expertise is also beneficial to its customers when it comes to wheel rims. After all, what produces a positive effect on the performance of a racing car also has an effect on a normal road vehicle.

The multi-spoke design is the optimum solution for the weight-optimized wheel. The forces that act on the wheel are optimally channeled into the wheel spider due to the uniform spacing of the 16 spokes. This means that it is possible to avoid an over-dimensioned wall thickness, whilst also permitting an optimum wheel weight coupled with the highest possible strength.

The elegant wheel 2/16 BE (Brilliant Edition) is characterized by its unparalleled surface finish, which makes it an expression of luxurious sportiness. A particularly attractive feature is the contrast between the brilliant-silver varnished wheel centre with its eye-catching metallic effect and the high-gloss varnished, wafer-thin stainless steel housing.
上品な車輪2/16 BE(光り輝く版)はその無比の表面の終了までに特徴づけられます。それはそれを豪華なスポーツマンらしさの表現にします。特に魅力的な特徴は、その目立つ金属の結果を備えた光り輝く銀のニスが塗られた車輪センターと高い光沢のニスが塗られとても薄いステンレス鋼住宅の対照です。

This finish combination is unique within the Mercedes-Benz tuning scene, making it the right choice for all those who wish to lend their Mercedes-Benz cars that extra touch of individuality.

Compared with its single-piece predecessor 1/16 BE, the composite design of the 2/16 BE lends the new wheel an even sportier look. The ultra-lightweight, forged rim well is firmly welded together with the elegant wheel star.
その単一の部分の前任者1/16 BEと比較して、2/16のBEの合成デザインは新しい車輪にさらに軽快な外観を貸します。超ライト級および鍛造された縁は、よく上品な車輪星と一緒に堅く溶接されます。

By way of an optimized combination for the SLK 350, Carlsson offers the wheel 2/16 Brilliant Edition in the dimensions 8.5 x 19" for the front axle (tires 235/35 ZR19 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx) and 10 x 19" for the rear axle (tires 265/30 ZR19 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx.
SLK 350?フための最適化されたコンビネーション経由で、カールソンは、車輪に次元8.5×19の2/16の光り輝く版を提供します」フロント・アクスル(235/35のZR19ダンロップSPスポーツMaxxを疲れさせる)および10×19のために」リヤ・アクスル(265/30のZR19ダンロップSPスポーツMaxxを疲れさせる。)のために
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